Planned Giving

Planned Giving

The Parish is required to be financially self-supporting. Salaries of clergy and employees are met from the central funds of the diocese but the parish contributes to the central funds proportionately to the number of people attending the services. Most other expenditure is met directly from the parish funds.

Parish are invited to contribute according to their means. The best form of giving to the parish is through planned giving. The parishioner promises to make a regular contribution. This allows the parish to plan secure spending in the knowledge that it has a regular predictable income spread over the year.

Any donation, whether a large or small amount, is gratefully received but it is not a binding promise. If, for example, your financial circumstances change, you can change the amount that you give or stop giving altogether.

If you are and would like make regular contributions, please see the methods available.


Offertory Envelopes/Weekly Collection

The offertory envelopes are organised by the Parish and will be announced at Mass as well as when they are ready for the parishioner to collect. When you are on holiday, especially during the summer, kindly remember to continue to make your offerings whilst you are and put them in the collection on your return. Income has a tendency to drop but the expenditure does not.

A plate collection takes place for contributions and envelopes during all weekend masses.


Banker's Order

If you wish to give by Banker's Order, please contact the parish office to obtain the parish bank account details.


Gift Aid

The value of the contribution is increased if the giver signs a "Gift Aid" declaration making your support achieve much more without costing another penny. This allows the Parish to claim from the Inland Revenue the income tax paid on the contribution and adds one fifth to the value of the gift. This saves 28p on every £1 donated.

Please print and complete the Gift Aid Declaration form and return to the parish office.


Legacy to the Parish

A legacy can be a large or small amount. Your gift will leave a lasting memory and will benefit the Church, Parish and the commmunity in Isleworth.

St Bridgets Parish


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