Justice and Peace Group original1

Justice and Peace Group original1

The Justice and Peace Group was formed in June 2004. Scripture asks us to act with justice to love tenderly and to walk humbly with our God. We wanted to get involved because we feel that justice and peace are non-negotiable issues.

Pope John Paul II’s 2000 Jubilee Campaign goals directed our focus towards debt cancellation and fair trade in particular. In addition, we decided our role was to take on anything extra we could practically get involved with such as the Make Poverty History campaign.

We are involved with campaigns to bring politicians into line with the wishes of ordinary people who are horrified at seeing others starving in a world of abundant food. We are also concerned with issues of education and health. Activities we have taken part in include:

  • Rally at St Bridget's in solidarity with Make Poverty History rally in Edinburgh
  • Lobbying members of parliament on fair trade and debt cancellation
  • Hosting an informative and prayerful interfaith dialogue to learn more about other faith communities in our area to learn more about and appreciate cultural diversity in our area in April 2006.Our guest speaker was Sr Clare Jardine from the Westminster Diocese Interfaith Team
  • Meeting with other Justice and Peace groups in the West London Network to hear speakers from such organisations as CAFOD, Pax Christi, the Jesuit Refugee Service, agricultural experts involved with Third World projects etc

Trade Justice

Unfair trade rules rob poor countries of £1.3 billion a day - 14 times what they get in aid. When you are enjoying your next coffee, think about the farmer who is paid just 7 pence for 1 kilo of coffee beans. That is why we run the Fairtrade Stall at our Parish, at the West Middlesex Hospital and hopefully in 2006 at the Treaty Centre in Hounslow. The profits from your generous support for our stalls go to the people who cultivate the products, thus giving them a living, dignity and a measure of independence. The profits from your generous support for our stalls go to the people who produce the products, thus giving them a living, dignity and a measure of independence. You often pay a little extra for Fair Trade goods. This extra ‘social premium’ goes toward a school, farm project, irrigation scheme etc in the community from which the goods originate.

Membership and Meetings

Our parish group has a two-tier and very flexible membership.

  1. For those who are available to attend, we hold monthly meetings at Gumley House Convent usually from 6.30 to 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of the month.
  2. We also have a growing and much valued band of parish supporters who are unable to attend regular meetings but who help in a practical way such as:
    • Liaising with local schools where their children are pupils
    • Helping with our Fair Trade Stalls and with handing out information leaflets and petitions at Masses
    • Undertaking to include in their prayers mention of special events such as Global Peace Day

In our own small way we aim to make a difference. We are keen to welcome other parishioners who share our aspirations. Members can become involved whenever and wherever they can. Please see the parish directory to contact any of the following members or have a chat when you see us at Mass.

Claire Hickey
Jane Rebello
Elizabeth Doole
Sister Anne Marie Ryan (FCJ)
Mary Kelly

Jane Rebello runs the Fairtrade Stall with help of parishioners at West Middlesex Hospital. Marion Lefoy helps with school liaison.

Diary of Justice & Peace Events

Sunday 9th
Racial Justice Sunday
Catholic Association for Racial Justice. Tel: 020 8802 8080
Friday 21st Global Cease Fire Day
Tel: 020 7456 9180

Current Campaigns

Pure Gold? For every gold ring, there are 18 tonnes of waste. There is environmental damage to the land as water, air and soil are polluted in the mining of gold. Local agriculture is destroyed and people are ejected from their own land. CAFOD have launched the Unearth Justice campaign to support poor communities which are affected by mining industries.

The Live Simple Project. CAFOD's purpose here is to promote reflection and action on, and the celebration of 40 years of Pope VI's 1967 Encyclical 'Populorum Progressio' (On the Progress of Peoples) particularly within the Catholic Community in England and Wales, leading to a deepening of commitment to Catholic social action and teaching.

Other useful links

Make Poverty History
Pax Christi
The Forgiveness Project
Jesuit Refuguee Service UK

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