Stewardship Campaign Update


Stewardship Campaign“Become a Friend of St Bridgets……..” In December, the Stewardship Campaign opened with these words urging parishioners to become more involved in the life and work of the parish. The early response to Phase I: Faith and Church has been encouraging, a good start, with some 25 new people offering to give of their time and talents to keep St Bridget’s fully functional in this vital area.
A new idea behind the campaign is the voucher scheme, to enable volunteers to commit themselves to one or more tasks for a specific number of hours across the course of a year.  We will invite volunteers to renew their commitment annually.  Volunteers are always needed and most tasks can be made flexible to fit around busy schedules.  It is possible to volunteer at any time outside this campaign period.
Indeed St Bridget’s is always grateful to all those others who contribute their gifts to the church be it financially, through prayer, helping out in a myriad ways or being there and joining in with us.
To learn more and to take part yourself please go to Getting Involved

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