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16th November 2014

What’s Heaven Like?
During November we pray for all the Holy Souls; that they may be happy forever in heaven.
But what is heaven like? How do we get there?
There are so many answers to these questions. John Paul I, the smiling Pope, used to love teaching by telling stories. I’ve often wondered how different our Church would be if this jovial and gentle Pope had reigned for more than a month…
This is but one story he told…which gives one answer to these questions.

Repeated from 2 weeks ago


26th October 2014

What Do You Think Of In a Dentist’s Chair??

Last week I was sitting in the dentist waiting for a surgeon to remove my wisdom tooth. Usually whilst I’m sitting in a dentist chair I say the rosary; I use my fingers to count to 10!

We regret there is no Thought for the Week on 5th October.  Its place in the newsletter is taken by an account of the General Assembly of Synod of Bishops in Rome.

21st September 2014

How do You Read the Newspapers?
Last week I was reading about the horrific beheading of David Haines. As I read it, it was impossible now to think about what he was thinking and feeling during the last moments of his life. I quickly said a prayer for him.

14th September 2014

The Wandering Mind
I was reading a book about “everyday spirituality” recently, when I came across this reflection written by a parishioner.

“At Mass I like to sit in the front. I can see better and it’s much easier to concentrate.

7th September 2014

How do you React?

When you read the paper or watch the T.V how do your react? When people say or do something to you which you don’t like, how do you react?

Jesus in the Gospels gives us a model of how we should live and behave as Christians. This is often of course, different from how people or indeed ourselves often behave.

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