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15th June 2014


Prayer Of Examen
I have been toying with the idea of putting this in the newsletter, the last couple of weeks. It is a prayer I use often and find very helpful. On Thursday though, I was coming to the conclusion “No. It’s too long”. When I went over to Gumley and there it was on the table for people to take: Once you’ve read it, you’ll understand, that I had no choice but to include it!

8th June 2014

Mass In A Chinese Communist Prison

Several weeks ago I told the story of a missionary priest, secretly saying Mass. So many people have asked for copies of the story an abridged version follows.
Fr Patrick Reilly had spent 14 months in solitary confinement in Communist China.


25th May 2014

Its 28 years since I did this at seminary. It sounds good doesn’t it? But, it simply involves teaching “the things of God” in story format!. So that’s what we’re going to do today; “narrative theology”. Today’s gospel in 4 stories.

18th May 2014

The Wandering Mind
I was reading a book about “everyday spirituality” recently, when I came across this reflection written by a parishioner.

“At Mass I like to sit in the front. I can see better and it’s much easier to concentrate. That’s what I tell everybody. What I don’t say is that it often doesn’t work!

4th May 2014

A Way Of Dealing with Criticism
Earlier this week I was listening to someone ranting about Christianity. It was all the usual things and it ended with a final flourish, accusing us all of being, “a band of hypocrites”.

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