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22nd February 2015


Do you remember the floods here in Britain last year? The pictures on the news of people carrying their belongings from their homes: Sandbags in the street; homes flooded with water and villages submerged.

15th February 2015


What’s My Least Favourite Saying?
In recent weeks and months, whether it’s Question Time on TV; a radio phone in; or the Daily Mail, there has been a repeated chorus of one of my least favourite sayings.

What is it?

1st February 2015


God’s Light Shines In The Dark
Tuesday was the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz. There were many films of the horrors and interviews with survivors. Yet even in the darkness there were occasionally “sparks of light” as one survivor explained. They explained the powerful effect that a simple act of kindness had on them; to the point “kindness” became their guiding principle for the rest of their lives.

25th January 2015

It’s nearly 30 years since I did this at seminary. It sounds good doesn’t it?
So that’s what we are going to do today – “narrative theology.” Jesus calls us to spread the gospel … but how? Easy: we are called to “live” the gospel. But what’s the Gospel about? Here are 4 stories to answer that question:

18th January 2015

Christmas Seems A Long Time Ago? Wrong!
I’m sure there must be a fair few people who come into the church and think we’ve forgotten to take the crib down. We haven’t of course. Whilst most people think Christmas ends after Epiphany or even Boxing Day(!!!) the Season actually ends on February 2nd, the Feast of the Presentation. This is the last of “the epiphanies” when Jesus makes his presence known to Simeon in the Temple. For parishioners who come from countries on the continent it is common to keep the crib up for the whole season, but why are we doing it this year?

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