Building maintenance appeal

We need your help

Our Parish in Isleworth dates back to 1906 (more than a hundred years old). The people are the Church and we are proud to have such a strong community to share our faith and friendship.

With the age of the Church comes the requirement to maintain the buildings (the Church, Presbytery, and the Parish Community Hall) maintained to the highest degree of health and safety standards.

As part of the ongoing commitment to ensuring that the Church is a comfortable and safe place open for everyone, we need to appeal for funds.

The appeal

We are launching this monthly specific fund appeal to help us ensure that we are able to maintain the buildings and give our Parish community a safe environment to pray in, build friendships centred on love and acceptance, and share important memorable days.

The day to day running and upkeep of the church buildings are funded out of the weekly collections. Where possible the we have sought out financial grants to try to help reduce the financial burden on the Parish. The following list of issues have been noted during Health and Safety assessments and Building Condition Survey:

  • The side altar ceiling repair work and roof leak – estimated to cost £4,000.
  • Dangerous electrical wiring in the Presbytery needs to be rectified
  • Church front door hinges replaced as this was a safety risk (cost was £1,895)
  • The Presbytery needed a smoke alarm system installed and security camera (cost was £3,500) and we now need to update the Parish Hall.
  • Parish Hall men’s toilets to be changed to an all gender single toilet and a disabled toilet in order to avoid Parishioners entering the hall when it is being occupied by external groups; this can pose a safeguarding issue (cost estimated as £15,000).


All of the above will need to be funded, and therefore we are launching an appeal in the form of a monthly retiring collection and an online donation page provided by Virgin Money Giving where you can donate (and we will be able to claim the Gift Aid).

Or please see QR code here which you can now conveniently use to scan and donate. If you have an iPhone you just use the camera to scan and if you have an android phone you will need to download a QR code reader app. This QR code will direct you to the Virgin Money Giving page where we are currently raising funds to cover the expenditure for the roof repairs.

Please be as generous as possible towards the appeal and contact the Parish office if you need further information.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!