Mass Attendance Card

For 2018-2019 attendance card holders:

From the end of July all attendance cards that have been issued can be dropped through the presbytery letter box and a certificate of attendance will be issued according to the amount of stickers collected. Please keep an eye out in the newsletter for when they are ready to be collected. This is all that will be needed for the signing of the Catholic practice certificate (only if applying for catholic schools this year). This certificate of attendance will be issued every year.

Attendance Cards:

This is only applicable if you wish to send your child to a Catholic nursery, primary or secondary school.

The Archdiocese requires that families attend regularly (this means attending Mass every Sunday or Saturday evening) for at least TWO Years before a priest is able to sign the Certificate of Catholic Practice. (We therefore recommend children should be collecting stickers from age 2 to 10)

If you are new to the parish – you will need a letter from your previous Parish Priest.

If anyone needs an attendance card, please contact the parish office. You will need to have a photograph of your child so it can then be attached to the new attendance card. It will be entered in a register. We will only retain the name of the family and the date of issue.