Volunteer with us

We wholeheartedly welcome and encourage our parishioners to actively participate in the work of our church. Your contributions, whether in the Mass or through various ministries, can truly enrich our church, our community, and the Eucharist.

Within the Mass, there are several meaningful roles waiting for eager volunteers. We’re in constant search of Eucharistic Ministers to help with the distribution of communion and dedicated Readers to proclaim the Word of God during Mass.

Additionally, there are various other ministries open to our valued parishioners, such as Ministering to the Sick, engaging in Children’s Liturgy, sharing your musical talents, and participating in Catechism programs, organising parish social activities, just to name a few.

We wish to emphasize our immense gratitude to those parishioners who have already dedicated their time and talents to the church, some for many, many years. Your contributions are invaluable and have left an enduring mark on St. Bridget’s.

While this information aims to inspire more members to partake in these fulfilling activities, we also want to stress the importance of your involvement. We face a shortage of volunteers across all aspects of the parish, which affects the continuity of our activities and events. We rely on the support of our parishioners to ensure the continued success of our church.

In particular, we invite parents with children attending local schools to get involved, as many families are part of St. Bridget’s. If you believe you can offer your time and talents to our parish, please complete the form below or email the parish office at isleworth@rcdow.org.uk / 0208 560 1431.

Your involvement makes a significant difference, not only spiritually but also practically. Let’s come together to strengthen our parish and community.