Join in

We are always happy to hear from parishioners who would like to participate in the work of the church and those tasks open to them which form part of the Mass. There are many ways in which the talents given to us can contribute to the church, the community and the Eucharist.  Within the mass there are a number of roles where we are always looking for new volunteers. These roles include Eucharistic Ministers who distribute communion and Readers who from the pulpit read the passages from the bible selected as appropriate for the day.

Other forms of Ministry open to the ordinary parishioner include Ministering to the Sick, Children’s Liturgy, Musician, Catechism for example.

Whilst we are hoping through this website article to interest the members of our church in these very positive and rewarding ways of participating, we do acknowledge with enormous thanks and praise the parishioners who at present volunteer their time and talent each year whatever the task and especially those who have given their commitment of many, many years. You are all so valued and you have given a wonderful gift to St Bridget’s, which will not be forgotten. It is important to understand not only the spiritual reasons for volunteering your time and talent but also the practical reasons that we are desperately short of help in all areas of the parish. It is always hoped that we will receive a positive response from parishioners when we appeal to them to join in the running of so many aspects of the church. Otherwise we are putting the continuation of some parish activities and events in doubt. We are particularly asking parents whose children attend the local schools to get involved as we have so many families who attend St Bridget’s. If you feel you have some time or talents that you could volunteer to the parish please fill out the form below or contact the parish office on 0208 560 1431