More about Planned Giving

More about Planned Giving

Stewardship and Planned Giving   Father Stewart launched the Planned Giving Campaign on Sunday 20th November 2016 with a homily about Stewardship.  Everything in our world comes from God he said but to enjoy it we also have to look after it and thank God for all we are given.  We are called to become stewards of these gifts.

During the rest of the campaign we have been learnlng more about the relationship between Stewardship and Planned Giving.  One very important area is that of Buildings Maintenance and helping to maintain our church whether by giving of our services or donating to help preserve the wonderful but vulnerable buildings we visit every week.

If you have been at Mass during the 3 weeks of the Campaign you should have been given a different leaflet each week on your way out about each Stage of the campaign.  If you don’t have any of them you can view or download them from the link below, you could ask at the Parish Office or there are a few left in the Porch.

Please click on any of the following links to learn more about the different aspects of Planned Giving.

Planned Giving Leaflets:    Week 1     Week 2      Week 3

The forms to complete, Pledge Form, Gift Aid Declaration and Standing Order Instruction are all contained in Planned Giving Leaflet:  Week 3.  To print them off, click on Week 3 above, then select Print.  To do this you might need to click on  .  .  .  ("More") - on the right hand end of the top menu.  Then select "Landscape" page orientation.  From St. Bridget's point of view, a Banker's Standing Order is the best way of paying as it saves us office work every week.

Completed forms can be taken to the Parish Office or placed in the black post box near the Hall exit to the Porch.


Please Text "Parish ISLEW" to 70800 to donate £5 to Our Lady of Sorrows and St Bridget of Sweden's Parish

All proceeds go directly to the parish for its running costs, mission programming or repairs and maintenance.  Any questions please call 0207 798 9375. 


For more information about Planned Giving please click to transfer to another article elsewhere on this website:

Parish Finance and Planned Giving


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